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The 2020s, The decade of Average Ticket

The 2020’s will be the decade of average ticket. The last decade was a focus on building traffic. New barbers and cosmetologists getting into the game, making their name, and building their personal brands. Those who literally “can’t cut it” have quickly fallen away. Those seeking a fast buck with minimum work ethic and commitment have tired, gotten bored and moved on. What happens next? We are still here. We love the work. We enjoy the clients. We understand the service mentality. How do we build to become the $100,000 Haircutter the industry promised was possible?

We only have so many hours in the day. We only have 2 hands and one chair. We have figured out how to fill the chair. (if you still need help get my new book 100x100, 100 New haircut Client in 100 days.) LINK HERE.

We have figured out we can’t make more money by cutting more hair. We can’t have more hours in the day. We can’t have more days in the week. We can’t cut faster and still do good work and take good care of people. We can’t take good care of them if we don’t take good care of us. We can’t kill ourselves to make the numbers work.

Bottom line, we have to take more money from each and every client on each and every visit. We must drive average ticket. We must see each client interaction result in more money in the cash register. The statistic of dividing your day, week or month’s revenue by the number of clients served is called average ticket. If you do not offer and sell add-on services and you do not suggest and sell take-home hair care products your average ticket will be pretty close to your basic haircut price. A good rule of thumb is that your daily, weekly and/or monthly average haircut ticket should be 1.5X the price of your basic haircut.

A price increase is not the same as an increase in average ticket. When the price goes up, yes, the amount each client pays you has gone up. Of course. But when you do the math your average ticket is still just 1x your basic haircut price. Driving average ticket is about seeing to it that clients buy more than just the basic haircut.

Step 1 is to be sure you have services to offer beyond just the haircut. This is a huge problem for much of the haircut business. What do you offer? If you just have one item on your menu, a haircut, it will be hard for clients to even imagine ever purchasing anything additional from you, let alone doing it.

Build out your menu. Add services like, beard trims, shampoo services, blow dry styling, conditioning treatments, haircolor services, haircut enhancements, and hair replacement. Your license allows for you to do much more than just cut hair. Be sure to dig deep into the service mix opportunity to become a source of more for your clients.

Step 2 is to offer take-home hair care products. Take home hair care is likely the single most profitable activity you can engage in. There are many products to offer. There are many price points at which uou can play. The rules of the take home game are simple. Never use any product on any client in your shop that is not available for purchase upfront. Ever. Be sure to stock and sell all the things you use on clients. When you use product on clients be sure to tell them what is it, what it does and why you are choosing to use it on them, why it is right for them. Then be sure they know you have these items available for use at home. Think of it as “telling, not selling”.

The offering of additional services and products beyond the basic haircut will be the key to growth in the 2020s. There is plenty of opportunity for all of us to become $100,000 haircutters in the coming years.

I am happy to help you get there.

Please reach out at any time.

Get a copy of my book Be A $100,000 Haircuuter today and get started.

LINK HERE for the book.

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