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Super Selling

Super Selling Behind Your Haircut Chair

Events like the “Big Game” come along once each year.

But we know about them well in advance.

Planning is the key to leveraging these opportunities for building bigger business behind our haircut chair.

Think ahead and lay your best plans.

Here is my planning calendar for the 6-week cycle leading up to a big event opportunity.

6 weeks before – This is the planning week. Make your plans. Order signs, cards and materials. Ge the plan hashed out and in place.

5 weeks before – This is building week. All of the elements of the plan need to be created this week. Roll up your sleeves and get it all done this week. You have time if anything goes wrong. If there is a problem or an issue, you want to know of it now.

4 weeks before – This is the training week. Get everyone on board with the plan for the promotion and event. Everyone needs to know their role and the roles of others. Manage expectations. Answer questions.

3 weeks before – This is promotion week. Promotional activities begin. Ads run. Flyers go out. Signs go up. Start spreading the word.

2 weeks before – This is social media week. All the social media activity in support of the event and promotion commences this week. You do not want to be too early. You do not want to be too late. Now is the time for social

The week of the event – It is time to execute. This is the week to make the magic happen. All of the pieces are in place. All the pre-work was done and done well. This is actually a fun and easy week if weeks 6 through 2 went as planned. Enjoy your event. Have fun. Make money.

Minus 1 week – This is the post-mortem. Do an autopsy. How did it go? What went right? What went wrong? Ask all the questions. Take all the notes. Did we make money? Did we build on last year? Pack it all away and mark it for the date 6 weeks ahead of the event next year. Now you have all the materials, data and information to raise the bar next year.

Use calendar events to build and grow your business.

Reach out if I can help you.



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