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Story Time

Once upon a time there was a haircut industry filled with busy barbers and cosmetologists…

Every day these talented professionals took great care of people, delivered great haircuts and built successful businesses.

One day there was a global pandemic making people sick and making it unsafe to get a haircut.

Because of that people stopped getting haircuts, shops were locked down, and the old ways of serving haircut clients and building haircut business just simply did not work anymore.

Because of that the barbers and cosmetologists did not know what to do to rebuild their businesses. They did not know who to turn to for advice and next level training to get back on their feet and get growing their business again.

Until finally they learned about Ivan Zoot’s $100,000 Haircutter Academy. Ivan built a system and a program to help haircutters build business in a pandemic impacted marketplace.

Haircutters signed up and every month they opened up a new, powerful business building module. They rapidly rebuilt their clientele and grew their business beyond their wildest dreams and everyone lived happily ever after.

Academy open enrollment is happening right now. Use the link HERE to secure your spot in my $100,000 haircutter academy. Start learning immediately. Get going getting growing again.

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