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Squeeze Play

Clients Are Not Lemons, NO Squeezing

No squeezing in haircut clients. Ever. Period.

When we agree to squeeze in a client for a haircut where not space for a haircut exists we think we are doing that client a favor. We think we are helping a person out. In actuality we are harming four people instead of helping the one.

When you a client in squeeze you shortchange the client in your chair who is now hustled through. You are in a hurry to get to that squeezed client. They get rushed through.

When you squeeze in a haircut client you are shortchanging that squeezed client as well. The squeezed client gets a rush job and fails to experience you at your best. They do not get the quality or the experience that you (or they) were hoping to enjoy.

When you squeeze in a client you shortchange the next client. In order to serve that squeeze you are now running late for the next person. This person was on time. They had an appointment… and now YOU are late. You have denied them the haircut and the experience that they had been looking forward to.

Who else gets abused on the “squeeze play”? Well, that would be YOU. The haircutter is now stressed, rushed and anxious. Why would you want to live like that? Why would you want to do that to you? Everything was running well and you ruined it. You put you behind. You messed up your day. Likely you shortchanged you in other ways. You did not have time to talk about and sell products. You now skipped asking for referrals, You were too rushed to remember to rebook your last client for their next visit. All these small parts of the visit can be more important than the haircut itself as it relates to your bottom line and long-term future.

That haircut squeeze is just not worth it.

No haircut client squeezing. Ever. Period.

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