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Selling from a Foundation of Truth

Selling from a Foundation of Truth

Part 2 in the 8 part selling series to kick off 2021.

Corresponding podcast is posted here. Have a listen.

This blog post is not an article, per say, but more of a string of related thoughts.

Telling the truth improves your memory. You do not have to remember all the crazy stuff you made up.

If you have integrity you need nothing else. If you lack integrity, nothing else you have really matters. This is a GREAT foundation for a selling career.

If it is not right, do not sell it. Stop trying to fit round pegs in square holes. Find out that the customer wants. Then, be sure you can get it and sell it to them. Selling what you have might empty the warehouse, but it will also empty your soul. And it just might empty the line of people who will be willing to buy from you when they next have a need to satisfy.

Start selling from a customer first mentality. Ask, “what do you wish to purchase?”. Then, go out and find it for them at a price that makes them happy and makes you some money.

Access to information has changed. Thank you, internet. Consumers are more informed than ever before. It is no longer buyer beware. It is now, buyer be educated. The balance of power in selling has shifted. Consumers show up better informed than the salespeople in many cases.

Information asymmetry (thank you Author Daniel Pink) has given way to information parity… or even asymmetry in favor of the buyer.

Anything short of total transparency will doom your efforts in the long term.

Selling tip for week two:

Assumptive speaking. Talk to the prospect choosing and using wording that imply the sale is a foregone conclusion. Talk about the sales as if it has already happened.

When you use this at home… as opposed to if you use this at home.

Your short hair will dry faster next week.

You will buy another bottle in about 8 weeks.

All are great examples of taking an assumptive perspective.

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