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Raise the bar. Rinse your clients.

One simple thing that can make you a better haircutter immediately is the after-haircut rinse. You do not need to shampoo the client. Just a quick rinse to flush out clippings makes the entire haircut experience a better experience. A perfect haircut at 9:30 in the morning turns into a problem in a 2:30 meeting with ½ teaspoon of hair clippings down the guys shirt.

Finish cutting and invite the client to the bowl for a quick rinse. If you have a sink at your station this is even faster and easier. You can level-up the experience with a shot of conditioner and a mini scalp massage, too.

Adding a high-value element like this to your service when you bump up a price is a great way to be more, do more, give more when it is time to ask for more money.

The quick rub-dry with a towel and fast styling sends them on their way looking and feeling fresh. Use this as an opportunity to share and explain the proper styling product and the quick rinse becomes a gateway to retail sales, too.

You have the shampoo bowl. Use it for good and for profit.

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