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Plan Ahead 2021

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

January and February can be a slow time for haircuts in the shop. 2021 might just be different. There are a few things you can do right now to stack the 2021 1st quarter deck even more in your favor.

Let’s discuss.

Normally, after a strong holiday season January and February are a time when we wait for all of the hair we cut for the holidays to grow back. Knowing that people just might be staying away this holiday season many of these haircuts might push out to after January one… so we have some evening of the flow. That will help.

We can also help ourselves with a few pro-active measures to secure a strong start to 2021.

Here is my list.

Eight things you can do to take control of 2021 right now.

1. Prebook – Every client who comes in should be offered their next appointment before they leave from this appointment. Prebooking is the single most important skill in $100,000 haircutter success. Effective prebookers are higher earners. Period. Go for it. Offer prebooking to 100% of your traffic. Seek to succeeded in prebooking 80% of your traffic and watch your occupancy and income soar.

2. Pre-sell – Like prebooking, but, take the money now. Ask for and take the payment at booking time to secure your future. Pre-paid sales are a way to lock in client loyalty. Clients know things have been tough and they know you need the money. Just ask. You might be surprised how many take you up on it.

3. Work the phones – Do not wait for people to book haircuts. Get on the phone. Use texting. Reach out to book people. Remind people of your sanitation and infection control. Sell upgraded service options. Do not be a passenger in 2021. Drive the business bus.

4. Offer bounce-backs – Make the most of the holiday traffic. Offer holiday deals with a bounce back incentive. That is a service or a product special redeemed in January and February. Bounce them back into the chair. A great example might be a 2 for 1 on conditioning treatments. Buy one in December get a FREE one in January.

5. GWP – Tie a January gift to a Holiday season purchase. Like a bounce-back, this leverages holiday traffic for after the 1st of the new year. To be redeemed in January.

6. Gift certificate bonuses – Selling gift certificates is a great way to make your holidays bright. Adding in a bonus will carry the revenue flow into the new year. Buy $100 in gift certificates and get a FREE $20 certificate for your own use in Jan and Feb. This is not the sale as buy a $100 gift certificate for $80. That is a straight discount and you know I do not like those. The $20 FREE certificate is FREE and powerful as an incentive for higher gift certificate sales.

7. New service offerings – Start talking up a new service that you will begin to offer in the new year. Pitch it now. Promote it now. Sell it now. Collect on it now… and then begin to deliver it in January. Build the excitement for it now.

8. New products, pre-orders – Just like new services, new product offer an opportunity to create excitement and pre sell some dollars. Talk it up. Lock people in. Take deposits or even full payment. Plan to deliver with excitement after January one. Offer home delivery or curbside pick up for the winter months.

2021 can start strong. You have to get started on it right now.

I am here to help.

Reach out any time.

How can I help you?



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