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Pick Me!

I get asked it all the time... "I want to be an educator. How do I get a brand to pick me?"


Here ya go. Thank you for asking.

It no longer works that way.  Everyone wants to be an educator.

The line is too long.  You will never get picked.

Pick yourself.

Want to be an educator... then ... educate!

Start a blog.

Get a youtube... a instagram... a facebook page and group...

Get busy sharing. Get busy educating.

Do not wait.

Do FREE classes at schools.

Educators educate. They do not stand around waiting to be asked to do it.

If you suck... no worries.  No one will notice or care.

If your rock... the world will LIKE, Share, Comment and you will be discovered.  Then brands will beg to support you.

Asking to be blessed, chosen, anointed, appointed or picked?  Screw that.  It will never happen that way any more.

Makes sense?

And, by the way...

If you have nothing new to say and nothing new to share... sit down and shut up.

We are eager ready and excited for fresh, new ideas and information. If all you have to share is what we already know then we have no use for you and there is no room for you in the conversation.

We are begging for fresh and innovative.

We already know how co cut a fade.

We already have a Rob The Origional.

We already have Sophie StayGold.

We already have a G-Wiz

We already have a Danny Amorim and a Mike Sharrpp.

We love these guys. We do not need a mee too or another. one or a parrot saying what they all have all already said.

We need YOU and YOUR unique voice and perspective.

Be you. If you don thin think you have anything new... work on that first. They step up to the microphone. We are waiting.

I want to be an educator. Pick me!

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