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Part 2 Location, Location, Location

Maybe it is not time for you to add on to your shop, relocate your shop or add a second shop to your empire. It is still a good time to look at the impact of your location. Now is a great time to look at your current location and tweak your business a bit for maximum productivity, appeal and success.

In part 1 we explored new locations. In part 2 we will discuss how to make your current location rock harder for you.

Here are a few of my tip tips. Explore more in my podcast on the topic at the LINK HERE. Attend the Monday 9 am CDT class on my facebook page at the LINK HERE, too. I address the topic of the week all wee in all formats and communities.

Your location, from the outside:

1. How is your signage? Can we see it? Can we read it? Do we understand it? Does it clearly answer the question… Who are you and what do you do? Upgrade your sign. A business with no sign is a sign of no business.

2. Are you using your windows effectively? This is about posting signs in the windows as well as leaving the windows clear so people and prospective clients can see in. There is a balance to seek to strike.

3. Look over your lot. Is your parking area clean? Is it free of potholes and puddles? You are paying for this in the rent. Be sure the landlord is doing their part to keep the lot welcoming. If you own the lot this is on you.

4. Know your neighbors. Are other tenants on the strip center looking as good or better than you? The look of the neighbors sets the tone for the whole neighborhood. Is everyone doing what they can for the best curb appeal for all? We are in this together. We need to band together to survive and thrive. It takes a village. Every village needs a chief. Step up as needed. Lead by example. Bring others to the table.

Your location from the inside:

1. A coat of paint can change your works. Paint is a very low cost uopgrade and brightener for any interior. Toss some paint on the wall and clients will notice and appreciate the improvement.

2. Rotate the art. Swap out posters in simple poster frames for a fast and easy upgrade to the look and feel of the place.

3. Plant a plant. Plants are another easy and low-cost environmental upgrade. They add fresh oxygen to the room, too. Plants do very well in shops and alons due to the moisture in the air.

4. Recover the chairs. Putting fresh upholstery on the waiting room chairs can be cheap and easy… and transforms the place in a snap. Clients will think the entire shop has been redone. You can do this yourself with fabric and a staple gun and a youtube video.

5. Look to the light. New lighting fixtures can swap out easily and for just a few dollars. All the wiring is in place. The cost of this is quite low and makes a bright difference. Fresh bulbs in old fixtures can be a simple upgrade, too. It is amazing how much brighter the entire place can feel.

6. Move the furniture around. You can create a whole new shop just by moving the furniture a bit. Reimagine the traffic flow. If you need to move an outlet or make a few small changes like that it may be well worth the cost and investment.

7. Think of the other senses. The sound and the smell of the shop matter, too. An aroma diffuser can change the mood and feel of the place. Altering speaker locations changes the sounds and they way you hear them. The actual sounds from the speakers matter, too. Altering the music alters the mood.

These are all simple location tweaks that can pay off big as you reimagine your business and make running changes to keep up and get ahead of the times.

What changes are you making in your shop? Let us know. Inspire us with your creativity. I look forward to hearing.



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