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Owning MLM

Hairstylists love hair care products.

John Amico members love our brand and its story.

Our love of hair and hair products has led us to our success with the brand and the financial rewards of our program. We love to talk about hair care products with our clients. We have been successful suggesting and recommending take-home product choices to our clients.

Our passion for the John Amico opportunity and our desire to build our personal network and future has us actively seeking new members to introduce to our world.

We enthusiastically talk about commissions, award trips, new items and “beach money”.

We mumble and stutter and trip on our tongue when it comes time to talk about the multi-level marketing (MLM) component of our business model. We have a problem with MLM. We have challenges explaining MLM. We are afraid to discuss MLM. We make the assumption that our target has issues with MLM. We might have even had our own bad MLM experience in the past.

We need to get over our issues with the MLM portion of our offering. We need to aggressively embrace our MLM opportunity. We need to OWN MLM.

You will NEVER make beach money without the power of the MLM component of our program. You can open a LOT of salons. You can foster a whole bunch of hair color accounts doing nice purchase and sales volume. You will make money… But NOT “Beach Money”.

You want beach money?

Here are my top five tips for taking ownership of the MLM discussion and making your beach money dreams come true…

1. Talk MLM early in your pitch – Those that get it and wish to leverage it will be excited to know about MLM right away. Those that have issues with MLM will feel duped when you “get around to it later in your conversation. Take ownership early and know who the REAL players can be.

2. Explain MLM vs. a “Pyramid scheme” – There are HUGE differences. Know how to explain both in short, simple and convincing language. If you do not have a strong pitch here reach out to me. I will help you.

3. Acknowledge other MLM beauty programs – Do not pretend you do not know that there are other MLM beauty brands. Address their differences. Underscore our strengths. If you are weak in this discussion get help. I am happy to help you.

4. Tell a modern MLM story – Peer recommendation on web sites and in programs like our app sharing give a new, fresh and modern validity to the entire MLM universe. Social media was MADE for MLM. Embrace this side of the discussion.

5. Cut bait – Make your pitch. Listen to the prospect. Know when to move on. As a VERY successful John Amico leader says “Some will, some won’t, so what!”. This is your lead-by-example inspiration to invest your time with a different prospect.

Thinking you will sell in a discovery kit first and share the MLM story later sets you up for a downline of minor players and also rans. Real “Beach Money” is out there. You have to OWN the conversation to access the dream.

Please reach out. I want to help you take ownership of and build your business.

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