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Offer a Playstation

The Playstation

You will style your hair 29 days of the month. Style it today, too.

If I cut your hair the way you want it you should be able to easily make it do what you wish for it to do.

If the shop offers styling and finishing hair a la carte this idea is perfect.

This is the foundation of the playstation idea.

We all have an unused station in the corner of the shop. The one no haircutter wants to work at.

Convert it into a playstation.

A playstation or as some call it, a finishing station, is a station in the shop where clients can finish their own hair. They can play with our products and tools.

Load the playstation with all of the styling products you offer for sale. (nothing on the station that is not available for purchase).

Supply the station with combs, brushed and electrical styling tools (have a bin for used, dirty tools needing sanitation and disinfection).

After cutting a client lead them over and selece the proper products for their look.

Head back to your station and take another haircut while leaving the client to play.

Your clients will explore their hair and your products.

This will result in product sales and happy clients. Is this not the point in the first place?

If the client needs help or the haircut needs a tweak you will be right nearby to assist.

This turns a dormant, unused station into a profit center.

This leverages trial and use into sales and repeat sales.

This brings fun and play into the shop.

This increases your productivity.

This allows you to see more clients in one day.

This makes money.

Why work when you can play?

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