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No classes today. No classes tomorrow.

Hello all.

I need to cancel classes for today, Thurs. 5.7.20 and tomorrow, Friday, 5.8.20.

My voice needs a rest. I need to be quiet for a few days. I will be back on Monday 5.11.20 with a full schedule and new classes for all of you.

I appreciate your understanding and apologize for the short notice.

This has been a LOT of talking over a short time. It has taken a toll. It has been many years since I had a voice issue like this and I know it will pass quickly if I can be quiet for a few days. I am sure you can imagine... quiet is NOT easy or natural for me.

In the mean time... go HERE. Visit my youtube channel. I have hundreds of videos here for you to enjoy... or... Just go for a walk in the park.

See you Monday.



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