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New To YouTube

Innovative scissor seller has launched their Youtube channel featuring... me!

Tons of great information and helpful videos for FREE.

LINK HERE for their channel.

Subscribe to the channel today. There will be a ton of good content coming.

This newcomer to the pro beauty and barber scissor market offers a unique way to have better pro scissors for less money.

This is a scissor subscription. A low monthly payment gets you high quality tools, 440c and VG-10 steel.

The never pay for shipping or sharpening philosophy has you handing pre-paid mailers back to the postman with no hassles.

The love-it-or-swap-it promise lets you set a 4 or 6 month rotation and have the same or a different scissor delivered right to your door.

Change scissor length, change metal grade, change thumb style... with just an ask in an email.

I love my RPS shears or I would not have done all this video for them.

You will love this new approach to tools and tool value, too.

Check them out today.

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