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New Comb Alert

This is a hard to find comb in the USA.
I am excited to be able to offer it here in my web store.
I first encountered this comb shape in London, UK at a hair show.
I bought a few and used them a lot over the years.
Great handle shape and feel. 
Larger handle length for good control.
Wavy tooth design for better blending.
Light weight.
Just the right degree of flexability.
Compact tooth area for maneauverability around the head.
Excellent for scissor-over-comb, too.
Enough spine depoth to be a great taper and blend comb.
Perfect handle and tooth set up for backhand positioning and interior layering - See image in description.
Sold individually.
Bulk pricing available - 24 or more - contact me.
Shop here.
Shop hard!

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