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My Weekly Sharing Template

The world continues to change.

Salons are opening up. States are getting back to business. Schools are back in session. To meet changing demands for information and changing timing and availability I am changing the way I am sharing classes and information. I am doubling down on my “Topic of the Week” format for sharing information. Each week will have a new “Topic of the Week”. I will share it throughout the week and across formats.

Following is my schedule for programming and support starting Monday June 29, 2020.

Monday I will share a class at 9 am CDT on my facebook page

Tuesday I will share a text blog post in the blog on my web site at

Wednesday I will hose a live online meeting through the zoom platform. The link for this meeting will be shared on Wednesdays on my twitter (@ivanzoot), facebook and patreon page ( The content of this meeting will include a segment on the topic of the week.

Thursday I will share a video on the topic of the week on my Youtube channel @ivanzoot

Friday is podcast day. I post and share an audio podcast on the topic of the week. That

podcast is posted to and available through my patreon page. You must join my patreon community at Tribe level to access that podcast.

I have content lined up for many weeks. I am always seeking and open to contribution of ideas and topics for the topic of the week. I will also shuffle the weeks as some topics are more immediately timely and need to bump up in my queue.

Please reach out at any time for help. I am here to help you build your haircut business. That is my mission.



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