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Making Walk-ins Work

We are being discouraged form serving haircut clients on a walk-in basis. We are being told to take appointments. Some clients do not wish to make appointments. Some client’s lives cannot accommodate appointments.

How do we make walk-ins work for us and for our clients under the present pandemic circumstances? Be mindful of optics. How does this look to clients? How do clients feel about the safety and the procedures you are using to manage walk-in haircuts?

Remember the goal is to eliminate a waiting room full of people unable to be socially distant.

Here are a few tips.

1. Walk-ins are not illegal. This is not a law change. It is a recommendation. Many are choosing to follow. You can still serve walk-in clients if you wish. Just be sure to play safely.

2. Seek to keep people out of a waiting room situation. Have clients wait in their cars. Use texting to call people in when their spot opens.

3. Use a cuing list on a clipboard on the door. As clients leave text the next client on the list to let them know it is their time and a chair is available.

4. Implement a call-in system. Clients can call ahead to be placed on the next-up list for available walk-in service. Use texting to manage flow and communication.

5. Designate team members to serve walk-in traffic. These cutters can be specifically set aside to keep the walk-ins flowing.

6. Use a booking app to simplify walk-in service and accommodation. Search for beauty industry specific or food service /hospitality apps that support this functionality.

7. Streamline your service offerings to turn chairs faster. Less time in the chair is less exposure for all.

8. Take credit cards. Create a seamless and touchless payment experiences. Think like a ride share experience. Click, click, done.

Clients lead buys lives and haircuts need to fit in to them. Walk-ins can still make dollars and sense.

Be safe.



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Aug 19, 2020

Great advice ....As usual.... Here at Allstate Barber College that"s the only way we operate .

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