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Lock Your Chair

Lock Your Chair

Are you ready for a next-level, aggressive haircut business building tactic?

People desperately want what they cannot have. People want to join a club that will not have them.

It is time to leverage the law of supply and demand in your haircut chair.

Cut the supply to build demand.

You must be busy enough to pull this off properly. Ideally you are tracking abover 65% chair occupancy. If you are not there just yet, never fear. Build some more business and then get ready for this.

Lock your chair for 120 days. For four months, no new clients. Double down on taking care of the clients you have. Decline all new clients. Build a list of all new people seeking to sit in your chair. Take names and full contact information.

Talk up the lock with your current clients. Make it all about them. Mention it to every client and every human whose path you cross. Make it all about you taking the time to take good care of them. Blame it on your busy life and mental health, too.

The locking of your chair is all about the unlocking of your chair. At day 105 it is time to announce the upcoming unlocking of your chair. Pick a date. Pick a price. The unlock is also about your next price increase. You unlock at a new price.*

*BTW – No hold-backs. When the chair unlocks and the new price goes into effect the price goes up for all. Old and new clients go up to the new price together.

Put the word out that you are opening up your chair on a particular date for new clients. Announce that you have room for a limited number of new clients. Perhaps a number like 25 new clients makes sense. Reach out to everyone on the list you have built over the past 100+ days. This list of people that you have turned away is your new client target list. These are the people you said no to. Most will clamor to book immediately so as to be in your chair at this unlock opportunity.

Mention the unlocking of your chair to every client and every other human you cross paths with until you have onboarded your limit of new clients.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat. You can use this strategy to manage your chair, supply and demand and your pricing on an ongoing basis.

Reach out for help any time.



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