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Leveraging Social Proof

If I say something you may doubt me, If you say it is surely must be true.

This is at the heart of social proof, otherwise known as reviews or testimonials.

Testimonials are powerful tools to be used to build business.

My books contain testimonials on the back covers. These are real words and feelings from real readers of my books. The reviews posted on my books on amazon are right there for prospective customers to read.

Reviews are an active marketing tactic when we take up the action to ask for them. When a client expresses appreciation for your job well done, ask for a review.

Send clients the review page link for your web site or your listing on Yelp, Google or Trip Advisor. There is nothing wrong with asking for a review. You cannot just sit around waiting for people to choose to offer up reviews when it occurs to them to do it. You can take a pro-active approach.

It is also OK to compensate people for their reviews. Trade a FREE service or a FREE product sample for posting a review. This can be a great way to get a whole pile of positive reviews.

Once you have a few positive reviews it is time to start putting them out there for the world to see.

Post them in your social spaces. Tweet them as text. Quote them as images on Instagram. Video testimonials can be put on YouTube. All of these generate linkable gold that you can share. Snapchat and Tik Tok are particularly suited to sound bites. Reviews make killer sound bites.

If I say it you may doubt me. If you say it, surely it must be true.

Technique of the week

The four most powerful words you can use in sales… “I thought of you”. When you have a new haircut idea, a technique or tool you wish to use for a client… begin the pitch with… I was looking at this new haircut shape and… I thought of you…

When you have a new product that is prefect for a client… mention the new product along with the phrase… “I thought of you”… Make it sincere. Make it real. Make it personal and it will make sales.

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