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Lessons From Each Other, Crossing Over Barber and Cosmetology

Barber/Cosmetology is a hot topic in pro beauty.

Barbers want to be more broad based service providers and precision cutters.

Cosmetology pros want to serve male clients more and better.

This opens huge opportunity for sharing from two sides of a big business.

Instead of the tradition of trashing each other, perhaps we agree that both professional disciplines bring value in their unique traditions and cultures. This line between cosmetology and barbering continues to blur. Most of us find ourselves engaged in what can now must be called men’s Grooming. It is not classic barbering. It is not traditional cosmetology. It IS building business in the industry’s hottest segment.

Following are the best lessons we can learn from each other. What can barbering take away from the cosmetology world? What can cosmetologists leverage from barbering? What used to be a divided industry can be the foundation for a well blended future (pun intended).

Lessons from cosmetology:

Offer a broader menu – There is more to men’s grooming that just haircuts. Cosmetology pros have had a deeper menu and more to offer, more ways to serve guys and more ways to take money. Barbers can expand their service offerings. Barbers can do more and be more for their clients.

Structure your cutting – Sectioning, parting, tension and distribution, especially when cutting with scissors in the top half of the head are hallmarks of cosmetology systems and cutting practices. Cosmetology has a discipline of holding and cutting hair differently. Thank you, Vidal Sassoon. Planning out a cut and working from a plan are cosmetology approaches that can serve barbers well.

Take take-home dollars – Cosmetology invented selling hair care products to haircut clients. Barbers need to leverage this opportunity. Barbers have been slow to embrace this powerful income opportunity. Start small and slow and build tactics, inventory and relationships with clients to move a TON of products and bring in a TON of dollars.

Lessons from barbering:

Cater to guy culture – Barbering knows how to speak “guy”. They know how to create environments men want to visit and hang out in. They understand the look and the feel of men’s business. Cosmetologists can adapt environments to be more guy friendly and guy welcoming.

Improve your short game – Tight tapering and flawless blending are classic barber skills that everyone must be able to leverage in any haircut environment. Cosmetologists calm earn the tools and techniques that can help them go tighter, shorter and closer with confidence.

Face facts – Facial hair grooming and detailing are important elements of barbering that are in high demand. Be prepared with the skills and the confidence to be in the beard game. Get comfortable with beards and facial hair patterning. Know the tools and techniques that will support this work. Have the experience and confidence to go after these add-on service opportunities.

Soon we will be just one big industry. Guys will learn to rely on more of us and all of us to deliver quality technical work and engaged and enticing experiences. Men’s grooming will generate more money for more of us than ever before. Be open to new information and opportunities to be sure to get your share.

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