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June is the Month to Talk Haircut Prices

Welcome to June. June is the month leading into July 1 Raise Your Haircut prices Day in the U.S.A. This is our annual haircutter holiday.

This is our annual month-long focus on haircut prices. I will post on this every day in June. We will super-focus on this topic all month long.

We will discuss pricing theory, pricing strategy, price increases and more.

I will share everything you must know to be an expert in your haircut pricing.

No topic gets more asks of me than haircut pricing. No subject keeps pro haircutters up at night like haircut pricing worries do.

Am I charging enough? When should I go up? How much should I go up? How do I inform clients I am going up? How do I get my team on board with a new, higher price?

I will have zoom sessions, IG live sessions, Facebook live sessions and Youtube live sessions.

There will be plenty of opportunities for Q and A.

Reach out to me at the LINK HERE with questions any time.

Get your own personalize-able workbook copy of my Professional Haircutters Pricing Playbook at the LINK HERE. Get it now. Start filling it in and filling it our NOW. Be ready to go up on July 1 with the rest of our industry.

Jump in on the conversation. Jump in on the learning. Jump in on the profits!

I look forward to working with you this month.



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