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it is time to specialize

The professional beauty is thick with opportunities to serve. The world is loaded with heads to help. There is so much opportunity.

Explore the industry. Discover what you truly enjoy doing. Then, specialize.

Life is too short to do anything you do not enjoy. So many people in so many professions find their work to be unfulfilling drudgery. We have no excuse for that in pro beauty.

Choose a specialty. No matter how specific, there are more than enough clients to serve. More than enough opportunities to earn.

Like to cut hair? Great. No nails, no skin care, no hair color services for you.

Like to cut short hair. Excellent. No long hair clients for you.

Like to cut guys hair? Fine. No female clients for you.

Like to work with clippers? Awesome. No razor or scissor work for you.

Like to do fades and military type haircuts. Perfect. Just do that.

That narrow category is still HUGE. It still represents a large enough business to keep you more than busy for an entire career.

The power of the reach of social media lets you communicate your specialty far and wide. The nature of web based social communication has driven clients to seek out specialists and refer out their favorites. Why would someone want just anyone to cut their flattop? They can have the best flattop available delivered by a specialist who does nothing but flattops. A specialist can charge more and justify the price. A specialist can position themselves as the ultimate authority in their marketplace in their area of passion and special ability.

A business is more defined by what they say no to than by what they say yes to. The more you say no, the more you define your niche and the more valuable you become in the eyes of your target market.

I frequently share the idea… “If you are everything to everyone, you are nothing to anyone”. Today everyone wants an expert. Be the expert. Choose to be the expert is something specific enough that it adds value to your contribution and separates you in the marketplace.

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