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I love hot lather, I hate hot lather...

I love hot lather.

I hate hot lather.

I have a love/hate relationship with hot lather in the barbershop.

I love hot lather. I love the warm feel. I love the classic smell. I love how warm lather softens the hair and cleans the skin before a shave. I love the sound of a Campbell’s Lather King machine. I love the low cost of the shave soap. I love how it is so much a part of a classic barbershop experience. Clients love hot lather. Clients love a haircut experience that utilizes hot lather as a part of the nape shave/clean up process.

But, on the other hand…

I hate hot lather. I hate how all the machines leak and break. I hate how the high ph soap dries out my skin. I hate mixing the soap. I hate cleaning the machine. And most of all I hate that I cannot sell hot lather. I cannot make money on hot lather. I hate to use any product in the shop and at my station that I cannot offer for resale and cannot sell.

That being said I have a program for loving hot lather and making money with hot lather. I would never tell a barber not to use hot lather and a hot lather machine. It is the reason some clients seek out classic barbershop experiences. It is worth the pain and all the elements I dislike. The key is eliminating the issue of not making money with it. Let’s turn hot lather into a money-maker.

Here is my strategy for a neck shave/clean-up procedure. Follow these easy steps to use hot lather and make a TON of money in the process.

1. Clean the neck line with a standard trimmer.

2. Apply warm lather to the nape area to be shaved.

3. Apply a hot towel from your cabinet to the nape area over the warm lather.

4. While the towel is in place and cooling prepare your razor with a fresh, clean blade.

5. Use the cooled towel to remove/wipe off all the remaining lather.

6. Apply JA John Amico Beard and pre-shave oil to the nape area to be shaved. (you have this upfront for purchase)

7. Allow the client to feel and smell the oil.

8. Hand the client the oil bottle.

9. Apply ClipperGuy By John Amico shave cream to the nape area to be shaved (you have this upfront for purchase)

10. Allow the client to feel and smell the shave cream

11. Hand the client the shave cream bottle

12. Shave the nape

13. Use a second hot towel to wipe away any remaining product from the nape area.

14. Apply ClipperGuy Afterbuzz post shave advanced formula scalp care skin conditioner and treatment.

15. Show the Afterbuzz to your client.

16. Hand them the Afterbuzz bottle.

You have delivered a world-class nape shave experience. You have used hot lather and take-home products. The client has felt, smelled, touched and experienced all of these things. They will be excited to purchase these things to replicate this experience at home.

17. Take them upfront and help them select these products and pay for them.

I LOVE hot lather.

To purchase these products wholesale, reach out to me or shop at

To host a training on this procedure in your shop or salon reach out to me via email at

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