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How to waste a new client...

New clients are highly valuable. It would be a shame to waste one. Haircutters waste new clients all the time. There a few things that you can do to absolutely guarantee that the client will never come back. There are a few things you can do so that you will never see them again. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you never get additional visits, sales or other benefit from a one-time, one-shot visit from a brand spankin' new client.

If you want to waste a new client, read on. If you want to get them most out of every new client you serve, read on as well... and be sure not to do what you should not do (and do what you should do).

1. Slack off on your consultation - Do not ask good questions. Do not ask follow-up questions. Do not paraphrase and confirm. Do not be committed to delivering what the client wants. Do what YOU want. Cut them as you wish. That will surely chase them off.

2. Avoid using and suggesting take-home hair care products - Do not help them to style their hair at home. Do not show them what to use, how much to use and how to use it. Do not make them aware that all the products you use are available up front. Tell them to use whatever they can find. Suggest maybe they go look at walmart. See what they can find.

3. Do not ask them to book their next appointment - Tell the client to come back "whenever". Do not share your business card. Do not explain your hours and your online booking app. Do not tell them ho many weeks it will take for their haircut to lose it's shape. They are adults. They can figure that stuff out on their own.

4. Do not ask for them to send their friends - Forget about all the people they know and are connected to. Ignore the influence they might have within their circles and social connections. You would not want to have any of their friends and family as clients, too. Never give out extra business cards.

5. Don't connect on social media - You do not want more followers online. You would never use easy connections and instant communications. Never tell a client your twitter handle. Keep your instagram to yourself. Pretend that you never use Facebook.

6. Never follow up - No one sends thank you notes any more. Phone calls to check in on people are old school. Do not do that. Pretend that you never cut their hair and never mention it to them again.

Great that they visited. Maybe it was an accident. Congratulations. You just wasted a new client. Better luck next time.

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