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How to flip a walk-in

Many clients walk in for haircuts. No appointment, no haircutter request. You can flip these clients to become repeat request regulars. Here are my top tips for flipping walk-in clients to take ownership of your future and bottom line. Now is the time to become a $1000,000 haircutter.

1. Serve every walk-in you can - More opportunity creates more results. Respect the rotation in the shop, but never pass on a chance to serve a walk-in.

2. Treat them like you already own them – Learn the clients name and use it. Avoid the 5 minute choppy-chop to rush them through the experience. Talk to them about next time with words and phrases that reinforce their next haircut in your chair.

3. Tell them what you expect of them – Make them aware that they can make a haircutter request. Some people just do not know. Share your name and your work hours. Send them out with your card.

4. Upsell – Suggest and sell services and products as you would with any client. The deeper they are connected to you the more likely they will be to request.

5. Blow them away – Make them WANT to come back to your chair, specifically. Be different, better, more.

Take ownership of your business weather you literally own the business or are a team member in someone else’s shop. No owner or manager will argue with you seeking to build and grow. Beware of the team member who takes offense at your actions and your commitment to becoming a $100,000 haircutter. That is more about them than you. Just take of your business and watch your business grow.

For more discussion, questions or support, reach out any time. Use the “Talk To Ivan” feature at

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