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Haircutter Success Camp - March 30

This is your daily challenge for haircutter success camp.

Today's challenge.

Learn about online booking apps.

Go to the play store or app store and download Booksy.

Or use the link below.

It is FREE.

Download booksy blue (the client side app)

and booksy yellow (the back end app).

These are 2 doors into the same "room".

These are both free to download.

Poke around.

Play around.

Have fun.

Learn how the app works.

Search for local hair pros.

Set up a profile for you to see how that process works.

You can delete the apps when you are done.

There is ZERO obligation to use the app.

I just believe that booking apps are not the future.

They are the NOW.

Use the LINK HERE to download if needed.

Explore the app.

Especially the blue one to understand how your clients will see and use the tool.

Post a comment letting us know if you did it and what you think is the coolest feature.

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