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Haircutter Success Camp - March 23

Pick a favorite.

We all have a favorite client.

I have had many over the years.

You know the kind of client I mean.

One that you look forward to cutting.

One that you would cut for FREE (not really) (maybe).

One who is a great example of just WHY you cut hair.

Tell us about him/her.

Tell us why he/she is your favorite.

Share a special story about your most favorite client.

Post it here in the blog in the comments.

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Ivan Zoot
Ivan Zoot
Mar 23, 2020

This one is a real challenge for me.

I do not cut a lot of clients at this point... and I mostly cut the shops walk-in traffic... so I do not have a huge personal repeat client base.

I do have clients I enjoy very much.

I will dig deep here and offer up a few people from my haircutting past.

No names to protect ppl's privacy.

1. Flattop guy. He got cut every week. I never took much off... and he looked exactly the same every time... But he was an amazing billboard for my work. And he helped me get really good at flattopping.

2. Old white haired guy. I talk about him in classes sometimes. He was…

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