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Haircutter Success Camp - March 21

It is puppy day.

We need to smile.

We need to have fun.

Today's challenge is a 2-parter.

#1 - Post a pic of a puppy that will make everyone smile.

#2 - Find a dog grooming video on youtube and share a link here in a comment. Find something waaaay different or verrrrrry similar that we do in people grooming than in dog grooming. Compare and contrast. Comment on that, too.

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Ivan Zoot
Ivan Zoot
22 mrt. 2020

Here is my video... I went specifically looking for a foot grooming video as we don't do that with people clients. Here ya go.


Ivan Zoot
Ivan Zoot
21 mrt. 2020

Here is my puppy pic. Video to follow.

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