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Haircutter Success Camp - April 8

Time for the daily challenge for haircutter success camp.

Combs are very personal tools.

There are as many opinions about combs as there are haircut pros.

What comb do you love and why?

Post a pic of your favorite haircut comb.

Tell us why you love that comb.

Tell us stories about that comb.

Post in the comments here on the blog.

I will post mine.

have a great day.



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2 comentarios

08 abr 2020

Same here!

Me gusta

Ivan Zoot
Ivan Zoot
08 abr 2020

Easy for me. The guy w his name on a comb has a favorite. MY comb. The Zoot comb. The ultimate men's cutting comb. The "Swiss Army" comb. I took everything I liked about every comb I ever used and made a better comb. I am a bit of a comb junkie so this is a fun issue for me. I have so many combs and so many have really cool features. Who knew there was so much to a comb? We knew! We hair pros love our combs.

Me gusta
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