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Flipping The Script

New haircut client referrals are magical. Referrals are powerful. Referrals are FREE.

There never has been and never will be a batter way to build haircut business than asking for referrals of friends and family.

I have said this for years. I stand by it.

I have shared my 3-sentence referral solicitation system with many thousands of haircut pros.

“Thank you for the opportunity to cut your hair.”

“I appreciate your business.”

“If I gave you to cards would you send me two friends?”

It is no more complicated than that. It works. Really well.

There is more than one way to skin a cat. There is more than one way to ask for referrals. Want to change it up a bit? Perhaps you want to flip the script? Thanking someone is about gratitude. Gratitude is good. Appreciation is good. Asking for a referral is good but it is about us. It is about asking for something we want. We want the referral.

Maybe we can speak to the WIIFM. WIIFM. What Is In It For Me? That is the WIIFM. When you speak to what the other person wants you tap into their own motivations. Can you ask for referrals in a way that flips the script towards the client’s WIIFM?

“Want a FREE haircut? Want to never pay for haircuts again? Take two cards. Share them with friends. If they come in to get a haircut your next haircut is FREE. Every new client referral is worth another FREE haircut for you.”

When you talk to their motivation people will get busy helping themselves and helping you in the process.

Ask for referrals. Ask in different ways that speak to different people differently. See what works for you. See what works for them. Any way you plan you stand to win. The only way not to win is not to play.

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