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Do Some Good

Do some good.

Tying in a donation to a charity when planning, building and executing a promotion for your haircut business can be very good business. We do charity work because it feels good. We do charity work because we should. It is the right thing to do.

We also do charity work because it can be beneficial to our own goals and initiatives. There is nothing wrong with that. Just be honest about it. Do charity work for ALL the right reasons.

Here are a few tips for building a charity component into any promotional project you take on for your haircut business.

Pick well – Choose a charity that is a good fit for your market and client community. Make it something that care about. Avoid religion and illness. While these can, no doubt, be worthy causes, they can create divisiveness and feelings of being left out or passed over. Charites benefitting children or the hungry are always good choices and there is always much need.

Partner for power – Connect with the charity. Get them involved. They have armies of people who are committed to their cause and will likely mobilize on your (and their) behalf. Use this labor and passion for mutual benefit.

Track and measure – The greatest success of any promotion can come from the post mortem analysis and improvements for enxt time. If this was a successful program there should be a next time. If it was less than stellar there should still be a next time, albeit with tweaks from your learning.

Leverage later – The power of the event can linger long after the date of the promotion expires. Keep in touch and continue to support the cause and glean from the effort. These relationships can continue to pay off for both parties indefinitely.

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