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Cross promote To Build Haircut Business

Who can you work together with to help BOTH of your businesses grow? Cross promotion is a tactic where I help you build your business and YOU help me build mine.

Asking another business to pass out your coupons is NOT cross promotion. That is a guy doing you a favor.

You passing a coupon for him while he passes one for you… THAT is a form of cross promotion.

Here are a few ideas to use when exploring cross promotion for building your haircut business.

1. Who is close? The subway sub shop at the end of your strip center might be a great cross-promotion partner. Their customers and your clients use the same parking lot.

2. Where else do your target clients go? Not necessarily close by, but what complimentary, non-competing businesses are your best type of clients already patronizing?

3. What is a good fit? An athletic shoe store partnering with a fitness center makes great sense. Find a partner that makes sense.

4. What is an odd but interesting fit? A men’s hair salon and a dog groomer might be a fun marketing partnership. Not all dog owners are guys. Not all guys own dogs, but there is an opportunity.

Get creative and have fun. You never know who will be excited to work with you until you ask. Try different ideas. Track the success of promotions. Tweak to refine and improve effectiveness.

How can I help you cross promote?

Let’s have that discussion.



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