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Create Some News For Your Community

Create Some News

We are all under pressure to “feed the beast” that is to continue to provide new content and new “news” for our social channels for our clients and community. The pressure is real. The pressure is great.

Sometimes when nothing is new it is time to create some news. Sometimes we need to dig deep. Sometimes ideas are right here and easy.

Let’s share some “news” ideas for our communities.

I have a fun example.

Retire the broom.

You need a new broom. You bought a new broom at the home improvement store. You put the new broom out on the floor and you toss the old one. Not so fast. Hold on a moment. Might this just be an opportunity?

Throw a retirement party for the old broom. Invite people in to thank the broom. Let clients “take the broom for one last spin”. Have a cake to celebrate the broom retirement. Tell stories of the brooms ‘glory days”. Big days in the shop.

The hang the broom high on the wall. In a place of honor. Make a little plaque with 00/00/00 – 00/00/00 dates of service to the community.

Think of the fun. Think of the engagement. Think of how this can make you stand out within a crowded marketplace.

Use this idea or make up new of your own to create some news and support your tribe.

What “new news” idea do you have?

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