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Got a killer opening line?

Every guy in every bar in the world is hoping he has the perfect opening line. Every guy has tried a line that crashed and burned badly. The guys that do not try again are the last guys in their family, literally.

The guys enjoying the best successes are the guys who have figured a few things out.

Theses guys know the following:

1. A line that works on one person will not necessarily work on the next. Everyone is different.

2. Subtle changes in a line can make a big difference.

3. Avoid opening lines containing a “say no” question, that is any question that can be answered with a yes or no answer.

4. If you do not walk into the bar you can’t ask anyone anything.

5. “You miss 100% of the shots you do not take” The Great one, Wayne Gretsky

With these simple thoughts in place let’s explore a few great lines for walking in and presenting the John Amico opportunity to salon professionals.

1. What would you do with $350.00 per week in extra commissions? This is a great question. It gets conversation started. It gets a prospect thinking of the possibilities of their life. It opens them up about their hopes and dreams. It sheds light on what motivates them and what is important to them. Listen up. Be prepared when they stop talking to share how the John Amico opportunity can help them make these things more than hopes and dreams and more reality and fact. Do not interrupt them. Let them roll on a bit. It will be worth it to listen. Yes, we do that.

2. What is the most important support you would want from a product manufacturer that you work with? When they are finished answering this question simply explain to them how John Amico does EXACTLY what they need and want. The odds that we do are in your favor. We do more than any other product opportunity ever dreamed of. Yes, we do that.

3. How did your career and business get to where it is today and what is your next big business goal? Get them talking about them. Listen for how you and the John Amico opportunity can be a part of making that plan happen. If for nothing else the revenue of a robust take-home hair care program can fund any vision. Yes we do that.

4. How would you describe a successful take-home hair care product business for your business? Find out how they define success. Someone who is selling nothing might be overjoyed with moving five bottles per week. A shop with killer sales to existing clients might be intrigued by the opportunity to sell on the web. Transactions and revenue through an app to friends of clients by way of peer recommendation is an amazing new level of sales previously inaccessible to them. Yes. We offer that.

5. Why do you do what you do? This is the essence of a more customized question. As you walk in the door have your eyes open and your thinking cap on. Look around. Take in the place. Case the place at night by peeping in the window the night before. Why have you chosen brand X that I see on your shelf? Why do you not offer any take-home hair care product? Why do you display product in the way I see here? There are reasons why they are doing what they are doing. These reasons will impact any next move they make. If you want the next move to be ordering a Discovery kit it would help to know what the last few moves looked like and why they were made. Yes we do that.

6. What is your best selling take home SKU? Why is this so? Huge insights can be gleaned form their current success. Certainly, with our depth of offerings and our quality and performance history we have products that compliment and support the success they are already enjoying. Yes, we do that.

A great follow-up to a magical opening line is a leading question. You will seldom go wrong with “Really, why do you think that is so?”. Keep the conversation rolling. Ask for the opportunity to build on the sharing by explaining the John Amico opportunity. Start with the element of the program that most and best support the unique situation of the target and the information they have shared.

There are many great opening lines. I would like to learn a few of your favorites. Please share them in the comments. We can achieve some amazing results together.

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