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Closing the Gap

When we get back to haircutting things will be different.

We will not be serving walk-ins, We will not be waiting ion waiting rooms. We will have to work slower. Our productivity will be cut in half.

Instead of 32 haircuts in a day we will only be doing 16. Our income will be cut in half. We will be spending on PPE that we did not need pre-Corona.

How do we close that gap in our earnings?

We will raise our prices a bit to cover the PPE but this will not make up for 50% of our volume.

The best way to close the gap is with the sale of take-home hair care product. Be prepared to use, share, explain and encourage the sale of take home.

Start small. Just 2 or 3 items in stock will give you something to offer.

Remember, it is not what you make, it is what you keep.

A $20 haircut likely has only a few dollars of profit in it when all is said and done. A $17 bottle of product or puck of pomade has$6 profit in it. A $17 puck of pomade is equal to 2 haircuts in money in the bank.

If half of your clients go home with a product you will be back up to 100% of your profits with just 50% of your haircut productivity.

I have been encouraging you to stock and sell product for years. NOW is the time to get serious about it. Your career just might depend on it now more than ever.

Reach out to me to get set up with just 2 or 3 great items that can appeal to all of your clients. Broad spectrum items that are easy to use and easy to sell. A small investment in take home stock will return big profits for your efforts.

Here are my top tips for making products move in haircutting.

1 Use products on your clients.

2. Explain what you are using and why you chose it for them.

3. Talk about the products you use. Features and benefits.

4. Ask your clients to buy.

5. Keep records of who bought what. Follow up for client satisfaction and resupply.

6. Lather, Rinse, Repeat (do ti again with the next client)

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