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Client flow with integrity

As a haircutter…

We have all done it.

We have all seen it.

None of us like it.

We all want to do better.

The practices of soldiering – slowing down and stalling on a haircut so an “undesirable” walk-in lands in another haircutters chair… or railroading – rushing a client through so as to get to a “more desirable” client in the waiting room.

As an owner, manager or employer we bristle when we see this. We know this is NOT how we want people treated or how we wish to be treated ourselves.

As a haircutter we catch ourselves doing it sometimes and we know this does not truly reflect our best self or the person we wish to be.

As a co-worker we steam when we see others doing this.

And worst of all, as a client we feel bad no matter which end of this behavior we find ourselves on.

No one wins.

No one likes it.

Let’s all try not to do it.

For most haircutters the goal in a walk-in shop is to treat everyone the same. The leveling of the playing field, the democratizing of the population has always been the goal. For many clients it is a big piece of the draw. It is some of the appeal of the shop as a haircut choice. You can be the mayor, the local car dealer, a retired guy, a blue-collar laborer an eye surgeon or a kid and you all wait the same. You all get cut he same. Everyone pays the same.

We are all in this together.

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