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Client Conversations

The 25 square feet that is our haircut world is practically the only portion of the planet we have any real control over. Take control of client conversations and create the haircut environment that will build haircut business.

The pandemic is a topic that some clients need and want to talk about, while others are weary and looking to move on.

Here are my top tips to manage the discussions we participate in and make our chair a place where business builds and clients want to spend time and money over and over again.

1. Wait for the client to bring up pandemic topics - Vaccinations, masks, lockdowns and other pandemic talk can be draining. Many people are eager to just move on. Do not open the door. Do not start the discussion if you do not want it to be the focus of the client’s visit. If the client feels the need to go there, believe me, they will get there pretty rapidly.

2. Let the client talk - If they need to mention it, let them go there. Let them run for just a bit. Let them get it out of their system. Do not interrupt. In some cases, the room will kill the discussion. If they bring up the pandemic, or any other topic for that matter, that others wish not to engage in, the room will fall flat fast. Sometimes you can count on the crowd to manage the situation.

3. Do not ask follow-up or leading questions – If you do not want to stoke the flames do not add oxygen to the fire. Falling silent on a discussion will move the topic elsewhere pretty quickly. Choosing not to engage will derail a toxic focus.

4. Change the subject – Bring it back to hair. Ask a hair question. Mention a hair topic. Reference the client’s current haircut. Address take-home hair care needs. Discuss the next appointment and rebooking. It is easy. We have an endless number of hair directions that we can take off in. Worst case scenario, the client starts to think we no nothing about anything but hair. That is not a bad thing actually. You have now been promoted to category expert in your profession. That is a win for you and a win for your clients.

Control the conversations and you control the climate and the interaction. Take control of your business and your financial future by taking control of your 25 square feet.

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