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Choose Your Words

What you say and how you say it can have a huge impact on the way your message is heard and acted upon.

“When you send me a friend, I will cut your hair for FREE”.

“This is a four-week haircut. We will make your appointment for the week of the 22nd”.

What do you notice?

These are not questions. These are statements.

“If you send a friend, I will cut you for FREE” is a very different tone and feel.

“Do you wish to rebook in four weeks?”

See the difference?

Feel the difference?

This is called speaking assumptively. We are not asking. We are telling. We are not being pushy. We are taking control. We are being very specific in the action we want someone to take. When we tell someone what we want we have a much better chance to get it.

Do you want to buy a bottle of shampoo? is what we call a say-no question. It is a question that can be answered with a NO reply. Once you ask and they answer, the conversation is dead. A better question might be an open ended ask like… Do you want the 8oz or the 16 oz. size? This is both a question that requires an answer as well as a question that offers two options that both play in your favor. No shampoo, thank you wan not one of the options offered. You are offering them to say yes or yes. If they object you now have more information to alter your sales pitch to secure the sale. Saying no tells you nothing. See how much more effective this can be?

Post positive signs.

Look around at all the negativity you see in signs. Anything you wish to put on a sign can be worded in a positive way.

“No Smoking” becomes “Thank you for smoking outside”

“No FREE Drink Refills” becomes “Please enjoy a single drink. Refills are just 25 cents.”

This can become a fun little game. Look for signs in businesses. Look over the signs in your business. Can you word that differently? Can you set a positive tone? I bet you can.

Let me know how you have chosen to adapt your language and signage to be more successful.

I am here to help.



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