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Change Is In The Air!

My $100,000 Haircutter Academy officially launched last week.

Congrats to all who signed up. Your 2020 will finish strong. Your 2021 will start even stronger. I am excited for this adventure with you.

This is big and exciting news for haircut professionals seeking to build their business.

I am very excited to help people live their dreams as professional haircutters.

This does mean that things need to change a bit as I invest my time and attention each week.

Starting on Monday, October 19th, 2020 the following changes will be implemented…

I will still feature a fresh and interesting topic of the week each and every week.

I will still text blog the topic of the week on my blog at the LINK HERE. This text blog will go live every Tuesday. The blog is FREE.

I will still share a weekly podcast focused on the topic of the week. You can find the podcast at the LINK HERE. The podcast will debut on Friday. The podcast is FREE.

Starting with Monday, October 19th my weekly classes will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube for replay at your convenience. You can watch them whenever you wish. You are not locked in to 9 AM CDT on Mondays. (I am not locked in to recording them at that time either).

The links for these classes will be posted to my Patreon page at the LINK HERE. I will share the Patreon links on all my social platforms so you will never miss a link or a class. You must be a Patreon community subscriber to access these video links.

Change is good. More change is to come.

You have always relied on me for great content, education and support. That will not change.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

How can this change help you?

Let's discuss.



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