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Can You Measure Haircut Client Satisfaction?

Yes. You can.

You can assign a number to it.

The number is your RR, your Rebook Rate.

Of the people that you cut, how many book their next appointment?

This percentage is your rebook rate.

You must offer rebooking to 100% of the people you serve.

You can expect, if you are doing everything right and everyone is thrilled, that you will rebook 80% of your client traffic. 80% is the goal. 80% reflects a very high level of haircut client satisfaction.

You cannot rely on feedback and reviews. People will say things to make you happy. People will say things to get out of the chair and on their way.

Actions speak louder than words. Follow the actions. Track the actions.

Happy clients rebook. Simple as that.

Listen to the podcast on this topic at the LINK HERE , too.

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