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Build your NEXT Top 10 Haircut Clients

You have a top 10 best clients. As long as you have 11 clients you have a 10 best. But that 10 best might not be the crowd you wish it were.

Crafting or curating your best top 10 clients and targeting the particular client you are seeking to build can be done with a few powerful tips.

Here are some great ideas for supplanting your current top 10 with the top 10 you REALLY want.

1. Specialize – Decide what you love to do and what you want to be do. Then do it. Declare a specialty and focus in on it. Promote your specialty. Say no to things that take your eye off the ball and move you away from your specialty. Talk it up. Be sure the world knows that you specialize in your area of focus. Do not keep a specialty a secret.

2. Sell take-home hair care products – One of the greatest keys to client satisfaction is the purchase and use of take-home hair care product. Be sure clients in your target area are VERY happy. Be sure they are very well stocked with the products they need to LOVE their hair. The ultimate satisfaction of your target market will directly influence the size of this focus market.

3. Track so you know – Data is information. Information is power. Leveraging information provides control. Control your business and your future by knowing your data and using the data you have to drive business decisions. Who are my top 10? Is this group growing? Where are they coming from? Ask the right questions and dig into your data for the answers.

4. Play favorites – Treat your top 10 target market clients better. It might sound wrong but it is very right. Go out of your way and over the top to take great care of your top 10 and your top 10 targets. This will grow this group. Period. It just makes sense. Put your best efforts where you want your biggest return.

5. Ask for referrals – Birds of a feather flock together. Top 10 clients have top 10 friends. Seek and secure referrals form your top 10ers. These will likely be more, great top 10 candidates.

6. Rebook target top 10ers – Rebooking locks clients in. Put the effort into locking down your top 10 and your new top 10 candidates. Clients that do not represent your target market can be allowed to wander off in exchange for the traffic you want to encourage.

Focus on your top 10 target initiative can pay off pretty quickly. Review your top 10 every month to see the changes happening. If you like the changes you are seeing, keep at it. If the change is not in the direction you wish it to be or not happening it is time to adjust your tactics. Reach out for help at any time. I am here to help you.



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