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Be an Educator to be a Salesperson

Selling behind the haircut chair

Week 4 of 8 in the 2021 kickoff series.

Selling as education.

Education for sales.

Knowledge is power.

Share information. Educate and train your clients. When clients have good information, they feel confident to make purchase decisions.

Help them help you.

Teaching opportunities:

1. In the chair – Show them what you use. Show them how you use it. Show them why you choose it. Don’t just do their hair. Take them through the process.

2. On social media – The platforms, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram were literally built for sharing. Teaching is sharing in creative ways that inspire others.

3. Lead by example – Look great. Set the tone and set the bar high. Clients will strive to meet you there.

Teach through the key phrases you learned in cosmetology and barber school. They taught them to you. You teach them to your clients.

1. Color does not lift color – You know what it means. They don’t. But they should. A powerful tool to support color selling

2. The less hair you have, the less hair you should have – The key to working with thin and fine hair. A rule we live by. They just haven’t heard it yet.

3. This haircut will lose it’s shape in 4 weeks – The key to rebooking. We understand it. They need to know about it. Tell them why to rebook. It is more powerful than asking them to rebook.

Technique of the week.

Trail Closes

Float a trial close to see where you are in the sales process.

Check their place in the ready to buy cycle.

Great examples of powerful trial closes behind the chair:

1. Will the 8oz. be enough or do you want the 16oz? Not buy or no buy. It is a which question.

2. How do you want to pay for that? Not “are you buying”. An assumptive trial close. “Cash or plastic”. Works like a charm.

3. Do you want the conditioner that goes with that shampoo? A trial close with an add-on sales kicker.

Listen to the podcast this week at the LINK HERE, too.

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