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Back to School, Choices for Hair Pros

Back to school season is upon us.

Although in different forms, we are headed back to school after an odd summer. The fall beauty and barber shows and events that we look forward to are all cancelled but there are still many learning opportunities for hair professionals.

Here is my fall 2020 list of social distance learning choices and options for adding information to your brain. Tap into a resource that you have used in the past. Explore an new channel of information, too.

Watch a video – Youtube is as good as ever. New content is posted daily. Some of your favorite youtubers have been very productive over the summer. There is more content than you could ever consume. My channel is here. LINK here for it.

Listen to a podcast – Podcasting’s popularity has expanded into pro beauty. New podcasting tools and platforms have brought a ton of new content to the listening world. One of the things people love about podcasts is their portability. Listen while you do other things without the danger of walking into traffic while looking at your little screen. My podcast is posted on Friday. LINK HERE for it.

Join a Facebook group – Some pro beauty and barbering Facebook groups are hopping with chatter 24/7. Others are more subdued. Find one that is a great fit for you and the things you wish to tap into. These groups have a personality. It is like dating. If one is not a good fit. Find another. Lurk for a while. Look and listen without posting to get a feel for the mood, tone and content. Jump in if the water feels right. My Facebook group is at the LINK HERE. You are invited to visit.

Read a book – Read about something that interests you. Read about anything. Read for the knowledge. Read for the fun. Just read. I see titles that interest me in stores. I look them up on amazon and then order them from my local library. Libraries will transfer books that you want that they do not have. Libraries will order new books that you wish to read. I save a ton and read a lot this way. My library of Ivan Zoot books on pro beauty and barbering are all at he LINK HERE. I even have one for FREE. Just pay shipping and handling. LINK HERE for that.

Attend a webinar – Every week there are webinars that you can attend and learn from. I have presented a few over this summer. I have more to come. I participate in one for my product company on Monday mornings every week. Just scan social media for announcements of upcoming topics. The Facebook groups post these, too. I will post a link when my next webinar is scheduled. Be on the lookout for that.

Subscribe to a blog – Well, here you are reading this blog… so you are on the way with this one. Blogs are still relevant even as many bloggers have moved from typing to talking (podcasts) and filming (Youtube) and keeping it short (Twitter). I post at least one blog post every week. You know where to find that if you are reading this. My Twitter is at the LINK HERE.

Prowl the web – Get googling. There is a world wide web out there. You can learn a lot by just clicking through a web site. The web site worm hole can be a very educational way to spend some time. Search a web site. Follow a link. Repeat the process. You will be amazed at where you travel from the comfort of your couch.

While we are on the subject of google... Who googles more? Smart people or not-as smart people? I think the smarter you are the more you google. There is a definite connection between curiosity and intelligence. The more you think and ask questions the more you learn and the more you know. If your mental toolbox is working hard you will be asking a lot of questions and searching for a lot of answers.

Now is a great time to tap into these educational resources. Have fun at the new version of “school” for beauty and barber pros.

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