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Avoid Double Cutting Your Haircuts

Avoid Double Cutting

Each client gets one haircut per visit. Or at least that is how it should be. Double cutting in the phenomenon of clients getting cut 2 or 3 or more times in a single haircut visit. If they only pay for one haircut why would you want to give them a second one?

How many haircutters have exasperated at the sound of… “I love it but can I have it a bit shorter?” This is not the fault of the client. This can be traced back to a few missed steps by the haircutter.

This discussion was inspired by a recent shop visit in which I watched a barber cut a client three times to get to the finished haircut. Not to be confused with “overcutting” (more on that in another posting). He cut the top, cut some more and came back to the top and recut what he pre cut to another shorter length… then he did it AGAIN! Yikes. Triple work and a lot of extra time. This was a busy and low-priced shop. There was no reason to spend this time and added labor.

Here are my top tips to avoid double-cutting your haircuts.

1. Have a plan before your start. Know what the finished length and cut will be before you pick up any tools.

2. Get confirmation early on before you get too deep into the cut. Confirmation that the target length is in fact approved before moving to far along.

3. Cut each piece of hair once to the desired length. This is the difference between artistic and technical approached. Both are OK. One (artistic) leads to extra work. One (technical) is more straight to the finish.

4. Use each tool once. Pick up a tool and do the work that is appropriate with it. Put it down and do not pick it up again. This plays into working a clear plan and is a big efficiency tip.

5. Cut the top first. Again, efficiency. Get the top length right, right from the tart and the rest of the cut will fall in fast.

How can I help you get it done and get it right?

Let’s have that discussion.

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