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Action Tracking

I love tracking in the haircut business.

Tracking is all about asking, what happened?

What about asking before it happens?

I am calling this “action Tracking”.

Tracking before IT happens.

Tracking the actions that make the numbers happen.

Some people avoid tracking out of fear or embarrassment of low numbers, less that impressive results.

Of course, your numbers when you start tracking will be lower than they will be down the road. The whole point of tracking is to know your numbers so as to grow your numbers.

What if we start by tracking what we will do and what we are doing that will make numbers happen?

Tracking before it is too late.

Once we track results it is to late to impact those results or change what was and already is.

Start by building a list of the things that you are doing or will do to make results happen.

Some examples might include…

Passing our business cards.

Sending thank you notes.

Social posting.

Asking for the purchase of add on services.

Offers to purchase products.

Outreach actions to cultivate new clients.

These are all things to do that impact the results for the day, week, month and year.

List these actions and count them for a month to build a base number of what you are doing.

From this base establish goals for what you would like to see these action levels be.

For the next few months track these actions to your goals.

Measure these actions against the after-the-fact tracking of your regular business statistics.

You will begin to see the powerful relationship between what you do and the results you get.

From this you can identify your “magic numbers”.

Working backwards from a big goal like becoming a $100,000 haircutter you can work out the results you need monthly, weekly and daily. They you can extrapolate the actions you will need to make the results happen.

Now, action tracking from the front end and results tracking from the back end come together to make the numbers really happen.

Use the information below as a powerful example.

In order to become a $100,000 haircutter you are seeking to hit 30% of your income from take-home hair care product.

You need $30,000 in take-home sales. This works out to $2,500.00 per month. This comes to $576.92 dollars in sales per week. This is further worked down to $115.38 dollars per day.

If a bottle of hair gel is $16.00 you will need to sell 7.2 bottles per day. If you know that roughly 50% of the people to whom you offer hair gel will buy then you now know that you must offer hair gel to 15 people every day to hit your numbers.

Now you make it a point to make 15 hair gel offers every day. Now you ate tracking your actions, not just the results of your actions.

Now you are on your way to becoming a $100,000 haircutter.

How can I help you?

Let’s talk.



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