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A Penny For Your Compliments

Personal interaction is a bit challenged right now. It is hard to approach people and pass cards and build business in traditional ways.

Instead, perhaps we can pass compliments. Here is a great way to get started and stay on track with spreading good cheer and building relationships.

Find 5 shiny pennies.

Place them in your right pocket.

Every time you offer up a complement to someone, transfer one penny from your right to your left pocket.

Strive for five. Try to end the day with the fie pennies in your let pocket.

If you are wearing an outfit that lacks pockets use a spot in your purse or backpack. Just find a way to carry the pennies with you to feel their weight and hear their jingle.

At the end of the day take the pennies out and consider the brightness and shininess they represent. Place them on your dresser top or night table and save them for tomorrow.

Tomorrow put them in your right pocket and play the game all over again.

Will this build haircut business? Maybe? Will this improve your life and the lives of the people who cross your path? Definitely.

Have a great week.



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