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5 Steps for Getting Back to Haircutting

Some of us will be cutting hair again soon.

Others of us are waiting for the word "GO"! from our Governor.

When we are given the go we will have phases and riles and protocol to follow. We know and we accept that.

Beyond that I have my 5 step plan to get us back cutting productively.

Yes. There are things we need to do regarding sanitation and infection control.

Yes. We will follow the rules.

These are the bigger picture elements of the business side of getting back.

These are steps that you can start working on NOW.

Do not wait.

Get these ducks in a row while you have time.

Be prepared to go back with enthusiasm and with a plan.

Here is my idea of the right plan.

1. Change your environment - Clients will be seeking a new place. Your place, but looking new. Fresh paint on the walls. Update the look. Clean everything. Make it look like you have been busy. Make it look like you cleaned house for special guests... 'cuz you did. make the look of the place their 1st wow!

2. Change YOU. - Come beck better than when you left. have you learned anything new. Have you updated YOU like you updated the place. New hair. New outfit. New perspective. Were you learning, reading, growing while we were away? Be sure that when they get back and ask... "what is new with you?" then answer is not... "nothing.".

3. Raise Your Prices. I have said since the beginning of this... #whenwegobackwegoup . The price of the haircut must go up. The cost has gone up (PPE anyone?). Your productive capacity has dropped (social distance) a lot. Do not be greedy. 10% is fine. Listen to the Nike guys. Just do it.

4. Narrow the Menu - Focus on the basics. Just cut hair. Eliminate complexity. Drop unsafe services for now (face work, beard trimming). Get lean and mean. Work to be as simply productive as you can.

5. Offer Something New - Add a high value, high profit service like conditioning treatments. These can be delivered with social distance. Slap it on ant the bowl and leave them along for a while. These can be high margin. A $12, 10oz. tube of deep conditioner can deliver 20 services for $20 each. That is $388 profit in a jiffy. Get behind some take-home products. Build take home into the basic haircut. Raise the price to include that, too. Send them home with the haircut and the maintenance. This bumps up your ticket and solves some productivity/dollars/hr challenges all at once.

Get ready to open back up.

Open back up better than you closed.

I am here to help.

Let's plan on it.



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