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1 Haircut - 1 Career

A new class for 2023

One Haircut = One Career

Specialization is one of the keys to success in pro beauty now and in the coming decades.

Everyone wants an expert.

And while you are at it… a career is more fun and more sustainable if you are enjoying what you are doing.

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

Doing things you do not enjoy just plain sucks.

I know one haircut really, really well.

I have built an entire career on mastering just one haircut.

I know this one haircut inside and out.

I am ice cold confident in my ability to execute this haircut better than anyone else.

I also know how to tweak this one haircut to adapt it to any and every client who sits in my chair.

No one can touch me at this specialty.

I have built this class based on this idea.

Figure out what you just kill at.

Figure out what you have the most fun with.

Then build a brand and career on this singular focus.

I am booking dates for this class for 2023.

Pick your date.

Lock me in.

This program will be customized to your personal hopes, dreams and goals or those of your team.

Bring me out for a 1on1 one session.

Bring me out for your entire team.

Come to me in Chicago for a 1on1 or we can set up a team session here in my city.

Crush your 2023 by being focused.

Reach for your goals with a solid plan.

I want to work with you.


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